On the administrative side

We will be a support during all your training projects. Before you come, we suggest organizing virtual meetings and regular exchanges between future participants and trainers. We are committed to providing you with a detailed training program and answering your questions adapted to your situation.
We also take care of providing you all the documents necessary for your registration as well as the end of session diplomas.
A contract mentioning the responsibilities of the host structure (communication, insurance, information necessary for drafting the final report, dissemination of results, 24-hour contact in case of emergency during the stay, delivery of training certificates, Europass Mobility Certificates …).
We provide all the necessary equipment for courses.

the communication dimension

We will provide you with ressources to help you communicate efficiently about the project
We will make sure to be as responsive as possible to your needs during your stay. We offer different medias to stay in touch (virtual meetings, facebook group, email, phone, etc.).
We can also provide you with various communication visuals that could allow you to disseminate your training project with Explor'Acting.
Once there, a contact will be given to you and a contact person will be available to answer your questions at any time.
After your training, you can stay in touch with our team and your trainer to ask your questions and receive any additional documents.
We program a feedback after 30 and 60 days.

regarding the organization of the stay

We can offer you various options airport shuttle ; accommodation, transport during the stay and visits of the region. We can discuss your needs together, don't hesitate to reach out to us !

1 / transport from airport + accomodation + cutural tour
2 / transport form airport + accomodation
3 / Accomodation + cultural tour and visit
4/ Cultural tour and visit
5/ Accomodation
About transport during the stay (rent a car for example) please contact us.

Discover Normandy

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