Memory book

" We were really satisfied with the course. We loved the practical approach to it and the exercises that we can use in our everyday work with our participants. 
The time we spent there was very productive. We learned a lot of new things and acquired new knowledge, that we will definitely implement in our work.  
Through the course you showed us how to find creativity within us and how to express it to others through theatre. You showed us that everyone can enjoy theatre even if they are not professionals or don’t have many experience with it.  
The course also brought us closer together as a team, as the exercises required us to work in pairs and groups. There were moments where we could genuinely laugh at each other and forget that we are actually learning something new.   
We were also truly impressed by your theatre bus and the show you prepared for us. Visual and sound effects that told the story all around us, were truly something we haven’t seen before. 
Together we have discovered that we are working towards the same goal and that is to bring the theatre closer to the common people. We are hoping to work on more projects with you in the future.  
Thank you for this great experience. " 

Course : Theatre, a way to communicate

ZIK, Slovenia