About us

" Explor' acting another way to learn "

Explor'Acting is the training center of the Créa theatre company.
Créa is a professional theatre company founded in 2008. 

It creates shows, leads workshops and leads national and international projects, particularly with “vulnerable” audiences.
Créa founded Explor'Acting in order to offer to adults who wish a cultural 

and artistic training in the service of life courses : personal and professional.
Because Art is an extraordinary tool for raising awareness, informing and reaching people.

 Through its many facets, it helps fight inequalities, reduce isolation, educate and socially include people.
Explor'Acting specializes in training for adults who themselves work with other people (students, trainers, "vulnerable" people, etc.). It is not a school for artist or actors but a place to learn differently.

His particularity? Using art, and specially performing art (dance, theater, puppets, shadow theater, etc.) to communicate differently.
Artistic expression is an original path to succeed in creating links, communicating and responding to broad social issues.
Our training center is based in Normandy in the North West of France. A beautiful region both steeped in History (World War II, William the Conqueror, etc.) and endowed with diverse and varied landscapes and traditions.

 Between countryside and beaches, craft villages and medieval castles, there is no shortage of visits and walks ! 

Proud and rich of this heritage, we offer to our visitors discovery trails to share our culture and the secrets of our beautiful region. 

Located between Paris (2h30) and Mont Saint-Michel (2h) Explor'Acting offers training in the heart of charming sites.

our objectives

To promote European and international network
To encourage the interconnection and cooperation between societies all over Europe and worldwide

To strengthen the role of Art in social inclusion and development of people (specially youngers)

To promote the personal and professional development of various target groups (students, young people, professionals, adults)

To encourage sustainable development

To develop non-formal education thanks to various artistic tools

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